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Elective course in different areas of medicine are specifically designed for undergraduate and postgraduate medical students to get experience of practical medicine in developing countries in the condition of shortage of resources.

Program of elective course in medicine is conducted on the base of ISM clinical departments which are mostly located in various  public hospitals, polyclinics and other medical settings.

During elective course the visiting student will be placed into the environment of a medical organization which provides medical services to the wide range of population of KR.

Kyrgyz Republic is one of 15 former USSR republics, which inherited the soviet system of health care. At the same time during the  transition to market economy  the country’s  health care system significantly changed.

Currently local doctors due to the above mentioned facts provide medical service in the conditions of limited resources. This can give  visiting students some unique experience of developing country’s medicine, which will make it possible  for them to apply this experience in their career development efforts.

At the beginning of internship visiting students and  their mentoring professors shall make internship plans supposed to cover areas of particular interest  the students might choose.

  1. Students have to apply for clinical training at least 2 months before the proposed training period.
  2. Due to limited timeframes , students are strongly advised to send their application as early as possible.
  3. Duration: It’s normally from four to eight weeks in any subject or area and can be extended.
  4. Accommodation: Students are helped to find their own accommodation.
  5. Expenses: Students are expected to be responsible for their own accommodation, subsistence and travel expenses.
  6. Application form can be completed online and will be processed by the Department for International affairs (e-mail:,
  7. In case of enrollment the applicant must submit the following documents:
  • one passport-size photograph;
  • passport copy;
  • curriculum vitae;
  • copy of official graduate transcript of academic record;
  • original genuine copy of a reference letter from the Dean of the applicant's medical school.
  1. Applications will not be finally processed until the abovementioned items have ALL been received.
  2. Successful applicants are required to apply for e-visa form the Ministry of External Affairs of Kyrgyz Republic. Please visit:
  • Students should submit the following documents:
  • Photocopy of travel document containing personal particulars, date of issue, date of expiry and/or details of any re-entry visa held (if applicable);
  • A letter of enrollment issued by our University;
  1. For enquires, please contact:

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